“Top Five Filipino Themed Websites That Never Launched” (Sept. 20, 2000)

5. “WWW. HuskyBoy.COM” “WWW. RexNavarrete.COM” was redundant.

4. “WWW.WhatSizeIsYourPanty.COM”…because your mom/grandma should not know html or java script.

3. “WWW.MyHondaCivicMakesMeFeelBetter AboutMySmallPenis. COM”…because who really wants to see more Pinoy custom car websites?

2. “WWW.SheCalledMeKuya.COM”…why even air the pain of Pinay rejection on the web?

1.  “WWW.NonNudeFilipinaGirls.COM” …because lonely white guys have really important things to do with their time.

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