“Top Five New Yorker Flip Character Traits” (October 26, 2000)

5. If your family’s from Batangas Province, you’ll most likely be heard saying, “Freakin’ Eh, Pala Eh!”

4. One will never find a Manhattan alley that smells worse than the “Smoky Mountain” dump back in Manila. We’re number one!

3. Many of them actually live in Jersey City, like when one says they live in San Francisco they actually live in Daly City. Stop that PLEASE!

2.  They like their Hot Dogs with mustard, onions and Jufran on top.

1. When at the 2000 World Series in New York City, one can be caught shouting at Benny Agbayani, “Hoy Benneeee, What size eees your Panty?!”

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