“Top Five Signs Your Pinoy Friends Smoke Too Much Weed” (April 3, 2001)

5. They start speaking fluently in Visayan, yet they were raised with Ilocano.

4. After taking their wallets, you get them to surrender their check card PIN codes to withdraw cash from their ATM accounts to pay them back for the cash you owed them a week ago and they say to you, “it’s about time, dude”.

3. You make your Vegan Pinoy friends eat crispy pata once you convince them it’s all just deep fried tofu.

2. They start baking mysterious Hopia mung bean cakes for sale at $20 a pop at the church fundraiser.

1. After they finish eating peanut butter and bagoong sandwiches, they start doing shots of Patis (fermented fish sauce).

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