“Top Five Signs You’ve Become a Pinoy Sell-Out” (December 3, 2000)

5. You’ve married a white dude, not for love, then divorced him just to keep his last name. So you’re now known as Aurelia Maria Consuela Macabenta Smith.

4. When someone asks you “Hey, what are you?”, you reply with “I’m part Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arab, Italian, Hawaiian, Iguana, Horseshoe Crab, part Irish, part Tuna…”. Anything but Pilipino.

3. You believe there is no Racism in America, just that there are too many Blacks in your city.

2. You take every God given opportunity to get on the cover of every corny-ass Fil-Am local newspaper to impress your friends and cronies to
say, “Look at me, I’m down with the Filipino War Vets! Now which War was that?”

1. You voted for George W. Bush.

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