Super Bowl Sunday Rocked!

New England Patriots win the Superbowl!

What a game folks. What a great way to spend sunday with your buds and some brews in front of several big screens here in Honolulu. There’s no better place and I’ll never complain. The last minute of the game was the best, but we gotta give it to the Eagles for playing their hearts out. Hey, is it true or just a rumor that Teddy Bruschi of the Patriots is Pinoy? If so, he’s one big mofo of a Flip.

So for those of you logging onto my website, do you like the new look? It’s all still not finished but I have the site configured in a way to update it often while on the road. Thanks to Dennis Amith, my webmaster. It should be running smoother in a few weeks.

So I’m on a nice bit of a break from the road this month. No gigs until March 11th in Houston and March 17th in Jersey City. I’ll have more updates later.

Peace Out,

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  • Kevin


  • sparklungman

    ur da man!!!!

  • Erich

    DAMN PATRIOTS LOST ME MONEY!!!! . . . rrr go Eagles b*itches Xb

  • hey rex – welcome to the pinoy blogosphere. love your work! when are you doing toronto again? 🙂

  • IDOL!
    Dude, you look like a thinned out Bayani Agbayani, crossed with a skinny Raul Roco and Melo del Prado (Abs-Cbn reporter).
    I’d be honored if you dropped by my blog: and please do leave a message on my messageboard.
    Pax et Bonum!

  • alan,
    that sucks, i hope you learned your lesson! go niners!

  • Alan Medina

    I lost so much money! I thought the Eagles were going to win with T.O. back. Hopefully the 49’ers will be better next year!

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