Top Five Greatest Childhood Snack Past-times (by Louise ?)

5) Dipping 5 pieces of fishballs on a stick to either sweet, sour, or spicy

4) Chasing a man with a cup and 5 pesos whos carrying a pair of steel buckets hanging on his shoulder yelling “Taho”out in the streets

3) Craving for late night snack and waiting for a man out on the street calling out “Balut” or “Penoy”

2) Bringing over 10 pesos in the nearest “Tindahan” to buy 5 pesos worth of “pan de sal” and the rest for a liter of Coke.

1) Going accross the street when you crave for grilled “Chicken Innards”, or grilled “chicken liver”(not my choice really) for famous pulutan for my uncles and relatives.

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  • jazz

    hahah!! childhood foodies!!
    1.lucky me! pancit canton in spicy toyomansi (soy sauce and calamansi) flavor!!! lucky me! pancit canton in spicy toyomansi (soy sauce and calamansi) flavor and ice cold iced tea!!! (i can eat two packets of pancit canton and drink one pitcher of iced tea for this!)
    2. kwek-kwek..tokneneng..soaking in spicy vinegar
    3. fresh bj(buko juice)with the meat and burger machine’s cheesy bacon melt!!
    4. cheese bread and coke at a local bakery
    5. cracklings (sour-spicy crackers) and coke sakto!! perfect combination
    6. choc-nut, stick-o or champoy!!
    7. sweet corn (the small yellow balls covered with sweet corn flavoring) then popping the plastic with your feet! ahaha!
    8. piyaya! (flat bread with brown sugar filling..cooked until the sugar melts)
    9. chicharon (pork rinds) dipped in spicy vinegar!!!
    10. isaw (grilled chikcen instestines) dipped in spicy vinegar and ice cold gulaman
    11. pares (beef stew with fried rice)along the sidewalk in makati!!! i add all the condiments to it!! yum!!! perfect lunch for 30 pesos only!
    12. turon!! (bannana and langka in a lumpia roll fried with brown sugar!)

  • KiD_rEiN

    these are some I recall, and is apparently not on the lists:
    1. Ice Crumble
    2. 1 Day-old Chick = Baguio
    3. Tokneneng
    4. Otap Crackers

  • Joe

    Why do you guys hate white people so much?

  • JIn kazama

    may peyborit pilipino pud is JJJJAAALLIIIBBIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jin Kazama

    yuck what is this stuff dude
    super dragon ball z shin budokai tenkaichi sparking neo meteor 7 playstation 3

  • KEVIN 2.0

    my favorite filipino snacks are:
    5.cornick soaked in vinegar
    4.chicharon w/ sliced tomatoes and rice
    3.mangoes and bagoong
    2.pandesal and coke in a small plastic bag w/ straws
    1.and my last one is waiting out in da street with 5 pesos for a guy who sells puto & kuchinta

  • jhona=’b

    oishy chrackers ung maanghang na may sawsawang spicy vinega………hehe sabayan moh ng gin/red horse na malamig.

  • pt

    Wow pare, hunger na ‘ko.
    Three possible labels for fishball dips: “My Wasweet”, “Hot Mama”, and “May Asim Pa”.
    as for isaw, a good name to give the stand would be “Delicious Chicken spare Parts and Accessories”, courtesy of Pol Medina Junior of Pugad Baboy fame.
    Wala lang. ^_^

  • pare nobody can ever beat the dirrrrty ice cream man…mangga, kezo and chocolate. man!Loves it. including the mamang sorbetero.. oH i almost forgot the Yakult lady, one whos always walkin around our street just to sell Yakult. i always get that sticky icky feelin in my throat when i drink yakult. Yuck fishballs ,, dumi nun…jokelang…haha

  • Deirdre Dinglasan

    More snacks to “papak” anytime of the day:
    5. Peanut butter/Milo + banana. Need I explain more? Yum Yum!
    4. “Scramble” or ice scrambled. Its flavored crushed ice, topped with “moo” chocolate syrup and powdered milk. P5.00. Cheap and refreshing.
    3. “Sweet corn”,”Hebi”,”Rin bee”, etc. These are really cheap (solo) chips sold in the tindahan.
    2. Banana and Kamote Cue. Caramelized rootcrop. Pinoy version of meatless barbeque.
    1. “Abortion” or “Kwekwek” (or so they call it as such). Its a quail egg dipped in orange-colored batter, deep fried. Served best with peppered/salted vinegar or special gravy and only sold in the kalye.
    Only in da Philippines!

  • shattered

    man.. im hungry now.. i miss that stuff LOL

  • feds

    Turon, Banana Que, Camote Que!
    Halo halo, scramble with red sago!
    Gulaman with crushed ice and hot hopia!
    Pork BBQ and monay!
    Do you still remember drinking
    Team, Mirinda, Pop, Choco Beam, Fresh Gusto and Magnolia choco milk in bottles?

  • choco

    taeng yan!!! that’s what i use to do!!! mwahahahaha typical filipina… hahaha kewl

  • kamlon

    1. cedie cornick soaked in vinegar
    2. ginataang mungo
    3. sarsi-egg. yum yum
    4. banana cue
    5. rebisco choko (ang liit na niya ngayon)

  • Pssst

    Me SO Hungry….

  • Share ko rin sakin ha?
    1. Tira-tira! I duno what the heck its made off, its cylindrical, its brown & its SWEET!
    2. Sundot-kulangot: in a small bamboo, may matamis na bao at may pansundot! talap! he3
    3. Choco-nut, serge or goya chocolates! YUM!
    4. Milo or Nido! Papakin lang wlang tubig! hehe.
    5. Skyflakes & Coke SOLO! meron pa ba sa bote na coke?hehe..
    Yun lang po! 😀

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