Top Five Things Separating Us FOBs from those EOPs (Jinggoy Waipahu, HI)

5. Absence of TP just means its time to use the tabo.

4. We call everyone kuya, ate, manang, & manong yet they always know who we’re actually trying to talk to.

3. The use our so- called ” jungle talk ” to make fun of them in front of their faces without them knowing.

2. TFC is not a past time, it’s a way of life.

1. We actually know why all of Rex’s jokes are funny even without the emphasized Filipino accent. Oooo, that’s right i said it you slang speaking hippies! Start reading your Abakada!

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  • Wrathofmimi

    hell yeah! damn straight!

  • boi

    what about kalihi?

  • Sarah

    Whoo right on, WAIPAHU represent =]. So much more to filipinos … Just gotta love our lifestyle. ^_^

  • P

    as always. great stuff rex …
    for number 5 i’ve always known that once the TP runs out … TK will kick in .. as in Tubig – Kamay.
    he he.

  • R

    Hahahahhahahaha!!!! In my family, tabo=butt bucket.

  • ja

    “”Chasing a man with a cup and 5 pesos whos carrying a pair of steel buckets hanging on his shoulder yelling “Taho”out in the streets “”– ye… in pajamas and barefoot..

  • blooh

    ah! ok… thanks =)

  • EOP = English-Only Pilipinos
    i.e., Pinoys who can’t speak or understand Tagalog.

  • blooh

    er… what does EOP mean? apparently i’m a real fob… even my email has baby on it… tsk tsk…

  • Carl

    Hahaha! 7-Up! It must be a flip thing!

  • kare

    i got a sixth one…
    u know ure not a fob when…
    u have no idea who the hell bebot is in B.E.P’s song.
    why ure mom uses 7-up as a marinade in your bbq…(is that a flip thing or just my moms?);)

  • who iss this kingggoy.
    waipahu represent. lol
    eckk all the soles are going to
    jack money from us flips.
    why because i dunno.

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