Hey y’all,

The only real big announcement is my upcoming live taping of “BADASS MADAPAKA” at San Francisco’s historical Warfield Theater. This is the first time for any Pinoy performer to play in that wonderful 1,800 seater space. Please spread the word and help me make history. Plus, there will be loads of cameras capturing the show and you folks in the audience. If you loved my first DVD, then you got to come and be part of this evening. This is a Punch Line Comedy Touring gig, so this is a a big deal for a comic like me.

Grab your tickets now at Ticketmaster.com or go to BGP.com and don’t delay…tickets are going quick. Here’s a jpeg of the gig you can send out to your mailing lists online. I’d appreciate the help.

Salamat and Mahalo,

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  • BETAMAX is so cool! Rock on maan! lol (“,)

  • Elvin Geronimo

    When is the Badass Madapaka DVD going on sale? I saw the live show, now my family and friends want to see what they missed.

  • cin

    when will your “badass madapaka” dvd be in stores? coz i’d like to be the first to purchase one. can’t wait!

  • Husky Boy

    Hey Rex, also juss wanted 2 say, ders alot of FOB’s here and Pinoys and Pinays here so please can you make a concert here? but if u don’t thanks anywayz bye

  • Husky Boy

    Hey Rex! wassup i juss wanted 2 say r u gonna do sum concerts here in South Carolina? Because I’m a real FAN! i love all of your jokes! I loved tellin jokes that you tell in badly brown or bastos or in husky boy. Especially the badly browned one. i loved da mormos joke or the halloween in Daly City. Juss wanted to say can you pleeeeaaasseee do a concert in South Carolina? but thanks anyway if you don’t and ps im a pinoy 2!

  • Great show @the Warfield. Can’t wait to pickup the DVD when it comes out. Best to you Husky Boy!

  • E-man

    PS to be more specific……….Bangcouber(Vancouver), British Columbia……hahah thanks Rex….

  • E-man

    Hoy Rex! I’m curious when you’re gonna take your show up to Canada…it would be awesome if you did there are many hella pinoys, “TNT”s, FOBs and Misc haha but yah pls respond back please….thanks bro….Peace!

  • Christan Basconcillo

    Ho Brah, I’m so jealous you get to go back home to Oahu! I miss that place like crazy, especially all da’ ono foodz! Good luck this saturday brah and keep up da’ baaaadaaas madapakin’ work!

  • Hey Rex, we met at Dragonfly while you were in NYC. Just wanted to thank you for letting me know Kevin’s name, I shot him an e-mail. Thanks!

  • Mrs. M

    hey there! im also just a fan from Canada whose crossed over to the US. how can i buy some of your dvd’s? I went to ur link http://www.brownjungle.com and ordered but I got no reply back – i think they are no longer in service but for some reason still took my cc info…i hope i didnt give my cc# for nothing. can u direct me to someone where i can purchase ur dvd’s? i would love to collect ur dvd’s…but how? please respond back. thanks and God Bless!

  • hey just a fan from seattle. i want to kno if youre gonna take any shows around here sometime soon. yea well anyway
    -==::p1nk_belt!::==- 4 life

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