Manny “Pack You” Pacquiao Rules the World

Pinoy Fight Fans…

Last Saturday, November 18th was probably the most heart-stopping day I’ve had in years…aside from that river rafting trip in the Norther Luzon. It’s was Manny’s day to tell the world how proud us Pinoys are about our style of boxing. It woulda been a better day for all of Mexico, but maybe they’ll get another day instead. And yes, I was there alongside thousands of other fight fans in the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas armed with my 400mm telephoto lens…this compensated for not having to buy the $500 ringside seats. I was really in the action. I know all of you saw the fight, actually the fastest TKO we’ve seen in a long time. Let’s give it up to Erik Morales for being a worthy opponent to Manny in the last 20 months three times. These “Lords of the Ring” gave us an awesome trilogy.

As for the Brian Villoria fight against the Mexican fighter, Nino…WHAT COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!!

Boxing is about staying solid on your feet in hand-to-hand combat, and Brian dropped Nino on his ass twice! That’s twice the embarrassment. He don’t deserve to keep the belt. He knows where the real owner of the belt lives…that’s Waipahu, Oahu! So put that belt in the mail marked to Brian Villoria, Biaaatch!

See you guys at the Punch Line SF all week long…just added a second Wednesday night show, so call in for your tickets. Have a wonderful FOB Day on Thursday. Enjoy my shot of Manny.


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