Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) – KCCC Hall

I’m back in the Toronto area!

Sunday August 12th, 2012

4pm and 7pm shows


General Admission: $25

VIP: $50

Location: KCCC Grand Hall

5225 Orbitor Drive

Mississauga Ontario

More info:

KCCC: 905-602-0923

Tommy: 647-282-4586

Ricky: 647-899-1808

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  • thea

    do you need to be a certain age?

  • J.L.

    Mikey Bustos moved to the Philippines. Would have been cool to see the two of them in the same show, though.

  • Cjoy3

    You need a sponsor? My sister knows the people in the top of the filipino community here in toronto.

    Maybe even partner up with Mikey Bustos while at it.

  • JN

    MORE DETAILS PLEASE, ASAP! Traveling to the Philippines end of June – mid-July and would hate to miss out on (good) tickets if they go on sale while I’m away!

  • Kano Kababayan

    Kuya Rex,
             The krazy Kanos and Pinucks will be out in full effect in the To! We’re trying to have Tim Horton’s make buko pandan and bagoong cream flavored donuts, and Smoke’s a balut poutine in your honor!

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