It’s Summer 2013…

Hi folks,

It’s a good start to summer 2013 with some really nice gigs lined up. I’ve got London, SF, Long Beach, LA and Chicago to name a few.

If some of you got road trips coming up for this summer, don’t forget to download your favorite CD’s of mine from iTunes. It’s turning out to be sunny up here in Portland. Can’t wait to get out with the family.

For you London fans, please send me ideas of cool spots to check out while I’m there this July. Should I bring a coat? I think I might be too blown away by Pinoys with Brit accents. Should I bring my own Patis for the fish-n-chips?

Hey Chicago, I’m so happy to come back to my hometown and bring you all out to the Laugh Factory this August. I’m looking forward to a deep dish and a long nap.

Hope to hear back with trip ideas from you guys…mahalo!


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