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The Top Five things that westernized Filipino’s don’t understand about FOB’s (from Norman Alconcel, Toronto)

5. Listen up…just becuase I’m somewhat good looking doesn’t mean that I want to be in your pageant!!! And asking who my parents are or what my last name is, with the hopes that i might budge just becuase you know them, wont change my decision. 4. Why is anybody and everybody your uncle, …

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Top Five Things Separating Us FOBs from those EOPs (Jinggoy Waipahu, HI)

5. Absence of TP just means its time to use the tabo. 4. We call everyone kuya, ate, manang, & manong yet they always know who we’re actually trying to talk to. 3. The use our so- called ” jungle talk ” to make fun of them in front of their faces without them knowing. 2. TFC is not […]

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Top Five Greatest Childhood Snack Past-times (by Louise ?)

5) Dipping 5 pieces of fishballs on a stick to either sweet, sour, or spicy 4) Chasing a man with a cup and 5 pesos whos carrying a pair of steel buckets hanging on his shoulder yelling “Taho”out in the streets 3) Craving for late night snack and waiting for a man out on the […]

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Top Five Ways You Can Tell You’re a FOB (fresh off the boat)…by Mark Manalo (Texas, USA)

5. You call every caucasian male (American,Australian,European, ah basta puti!) “Joe”. (eg. “Hey Joe” or “what’s up Joe?”) 4. You say ‘comfort room’ instead of ‘bathroom.’ and when they ask you where is that place, then you say, ‘I need to wiwi’ (while pointing your patotoy) 3. In a restaurant, you can’t eat without a […]

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Top Five Worst Filipino Xmas Gifts from Aunties and Uncles…by Mark Javier, Daly City CA

 5) Money envelope with an IOU in it.     4) Queso de Bola (Big Ball of cheese) and I am lactose intolerant…aghhh diarrhea!3) A stapler, note pad and a ruler.. what the hell?!2) Gift basket of Spam, Corned Beef and Vienna Sausages!! Yummm1) An 80’s style shirt.. Wait a minute! It is Uncle Boy’s old […]

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The Top 5 Alternative, Non-Offensive Titles for “The Flip Side” by Rod Pulido 4/23/02

5. "The Filipino Living In Pride Side, NOT The Fucking Little Island People Side" 4. "The Politically Correct Filipino American Side" 3. "The I ate Balut on ‘Fear Factor’ Side" 2. "The American Debut Side of Lolo’s Adobo Child" 1. "The Get Over It, You Armchair Activist! It’s Just a Frickin’ Title! Side"

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“Top Five Reasons Why Filipinos Should’ve Played Hobbits in the film, LORD OF THE RINGS”. (12/25/01)

5. From the kneecaps down, Filipino men got some hairy-ass feet. I have cousins in the Philippines who still don’t wear shoes, cause barefeet are more comfortable. 4. When it comes to gold rings, we might be the last ones on Earth to give them up. I have mean aunties who love to brag about […]

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