5. “Synchronicity” by the Police…cuz how could you not forget the words to “Every Breath You Take”? and besides their drummer is a Yankee.

4. The “Best of Journey”…hell yeah, it’s all about singing “Lights” when you’re wandering at 3:30am through the haunted streets of Madrid with no place to stay…thanks, Steve Perry.
3. Geez, anything from Tito Puente’s more recent Afro-Jazz explorations.  He’s right up there with Duke Ellington, rest their souls. They wrote so that we may dance.

2.  Foo Fighters, Foo Fighters, Foo Fighters!…when you really need to annoy the hell out of the French.

1. My very own burned CD of my most favorite “Tower of Power” songs. It’s cuz of these dudes from the Bay Area, that funk and soul remains in it’s true form.