5. We would never offend the cook of any home when we clean off our plate of dinner three times. We don’t believe in leftovers.

4. Muggers would always think twice about jumping a Husky Man for the mere reason that we are always in control of our “center of gravity”…like Weeble Wobbles, we don’t fall down.

3. Inside every Husky Man hides a Really Buff Man. We just decide to hold on to the all too important layer of blubber for emergencies…hey, look at the polar bear.

2. Husky Men make the greatest poets, singers, comedians, dancers, mailmen, presidents, lovers, fighters….er, you get it. By the way, Sammo
Hung is a living god!

1. Should an all out atomic war bring on the nuclear winter, only Husky Men would be physically able to naturally warm you at night while “model-pretty boys” would be hunted for their meat. C’mon, have another high protein smoothie for the road?