5. The Debut, since only girls get this at age 18. Hey, what happened to mine!? I’m sure I can work a dress like the next girl. Imagine all the cash I’d be getting for comic books.

4. Everything Spanish (words, last names, etc.) should instantly be reverted to their original Filipino tribal words…imagine José Rizal becoming…Malaking Kamay sa Kanyang Bayag.(Man of Poetic License)

3. The fake Pinoy male “Latino Wannabe” machismo. For every Filipino dude who thinks he’s the “shit” at every social scene, may his bird shrink three times smaller. Just learn to be yourself and respect our Pinay sisters, ok? N´uff said.

2. Stop saying you’re part Spanish and Hawaiian when truly you’ve got deep family roots in the Banaue Rice Terraces. Oh well, maybe white guys will keep believing this for at least ten more years and not make dog-eating

1. We need to stop believing that having mestizo/a features is an admirable genetic trait for our race. In fact, I have some mestizo/a friends who I can admit are some of the most butt-ugliest people I dare to call my friends. So much for Evolution.