Happy New Year 2005 to all of you. This hasn’t been the best way to go into this new year with the life-changing Tsunami in Asia striking the day after Christmas. I was in Batangas scuba diving when I heard the news of the tragedy. Once my dive boat got back to shore, I was told immediately by my dive buddies that over a hundred scuba divers were missing along Phuket Island on Thailand along with thousands dead on land.

This made me sit down for moment to catch my breath, since I originally had made plans to go to that same island before xmas. But my plans were changed as soon as I got the chance to try a new dive spot in Nasugbu, Batangas province. Wow, that was a close one I thought.

I last read that the death toll was now over 145,000. I thought never in my lifetime, would we see something so awesomely tragic and powerful as this Tsunami. We are truly in the hands of our world.

Please send your prayers and donations to any organization helping in the aid of the remaining millions of homeless and dying.

There isn’t much else to talk about except for this, it’s been on my mind everyday. But my shows have gone on. I’d like to thank the folks in Sacramento, CA for coming out to the Punch Line. I’ll be doing two nights at the Pipeline Cafe in Honolulu, HI on Jan 15th/16th. And maybe a return to Manila in February, so please keep posted on my calendar.

For now, please enjoy some pics that I’ve taken on my last visit to the Philippines last month in December. I’ve made new friends, even the sea turtle kind.

Peace On Earth,
Rex 01/07/05