So this is the obligatory day of professing your love for that
special so-so someone in your life. C’mon, admit you bought that box of
candy, bunch of roses, a night out at a nice eatery and maybe some
"Like dat, like dat!" later in the evening. It’s Monday folks, and none
of this actually feels right on a Monday. I hate how those brilliant
marketing firms get us to do this to ourselves once a year like it’s
really the only day to say, "Be my only one". Bulshiyate! Spread the
love all over the year and forget about Feb 14th. So anyway, I found my
Valentine this year…Tera Patrick! She’s at least cute for a porn star…but she ain’t beautiful I can tell you that. Why is it so hard to get cozy with a porn star with her pimp, er uh…husband/manager nearby, hmmm?

Don’t lick your monitors, it was her pleasure to meet me.