Whoa, crap! Did I just witness Keannu Reeves just exorcise a demon out of a Pinay in his latest movie, “Constantine”??? If some of you have seen it already, remember the scene in the opening where he’s called to perform a demon extraction out of a young ethnic girl? The mother is first seen in the kitchen making a cup of tea, but there’s a Philippine flag on the wall in the shot. Then she goes to her daughter’s room and sees the girl crawling (ala Linda Blair) on the ceiling and hits her knees to the floor and begins to pray. Then much later, we see Constantine go finish the job of exorcising the demon out of her, making his way through that low-income apartment building (ala I-Hotel). Fast forward, he calls the demon in her an asshole, then she growls…”Papatayin natin siya!” (We will kill her!)…Ay naku, was that Tagalog I just heard onscreen??? Then when she comes through, she’s this really cute, innocent Pinay hottie! Thank you, John Constantine! Now, can you exorcise some of my ex-girlfriends of their demons the same way?

Too much fun for one Saturday late night, but I’d say this movie is for every Pinoy Catholic with messiah/guilt issues…almost as fun as the Filipino sea pirates in “Life Aquatic with Steve Zisou”.