Yes, folks. You heard me, I just finished a three week (cuz I’m lazy) long lawn renovation project. When you live in Hawaii as I do, you get inspiration from your fellow islanders here to do some gardening projects you wouldn’t normally do when living in an apartment building. After spending some good money on hiring some local sprinkler installers, I decided to continue the tilling and leveling of the topsoil. I got too excited plowing that I broke the sprinkler’s PVC piping in two places…ooops! Then after the soil is all loose, I filled the bed of my truck with about 150 square feet of El Toro grass sod, which then had to be cut into brownie size pieces. Each piece had to be put into the soil about six inches apart from each other. Now you see what I’ve been up to? This is all good for the soul, it helps me get in touch with nature’s spirits around here and think up new routines for you fans. This shoulda been shot for DIY or HGTV networks. I’m hella darker now, about two shades darker and rougher in the hands. I’m feeling macho, what can I say? Next time I’m gonna plant pineapple and calamansi, so stay tuned.

Hey Houston, I’ll be in town this coming Friday for the Phil Games Event, so check out the calendar for details. Come check out the show with me and fellow comic Bernadette Balagtas (remember her from The Debut?). Maybe after the show, we can grub on some local Texas style BBQ! Talagang Sarap!

Howdy & Aloha,