Whassappers, folks?

Here’s some big news, people. Everything’s a green light for the June 18th second live DVD taping at San Francisco’s Warfield Theater. This is a Bill Graham Presents effort. They’ve been behind me all the way, from booking my SF Punch Line gigs to giving me this awesome opportunity to play my dream venue. Now you all can be part of it. I’ve entitled the show, “Badass Madapaka!” Ask your mom what that means. Tickets are technically on sale now, but we haven’t yet started doing the massive promotions. So please spread the word and let’s sell this one out for sure.

This week, I’m heading out to the lovely garden state of New Jersey this week for a gig at the St. Peter’s College campus. It’ll be my second time there and I had fun the first time. All the info is on the Calendar page. So I hope i brought all the needed cold weather gear, coming from Hawaii I can really mess this one up. Sun tan lotion, nope. Slippers, nope. Board shorts, nah! Just plenty of wool panties and lip balm is all this jungle boy needs. So come and join the fun on Thursday night of the 17th. Wow, it’ll be a Philippine/Ireland Friendship comedy night. We are kinda the same folks to begin with anyway.

I just finished hanging out with my folks in College Station, TX over the weekend (check out the pics in the galleries). Thanks so much to Anthony Guevara and all the Good Phil Games staff and volunteers that brought me out after so many years. I think I performed at your first one six years ago or so. Congrats to all the schools that played and performed. I just love hearing a southern drawl outta you Flips down south. Mmmmm, I miss the BBQ! I’ll put up some photos of the trip soon. You’ll see all the fun we had down there. I must come back soon…mmmm, the BBQ.

See y’all in Jersey City,