5. You call every caucasian male (American,Australian,European, ah basta puti!) “Joe”. (eg. “Hey Joe” or “what’s up Joe?”)

4. You say ‘comfort room’ instead of ‘bathroom.’ and when they ask you where is that place, then you say, ‘I need to wiwi’ (while pointing your patotoy)

3. In a restaurant, you can’t eat without a spoon, (opkors,always ask for da spoon), or ask for patis and

2. You scatch your head when you don know the answer, and say “Ayy!” when you’re wrong.

1. From the airport, your second luggage is a balikbayan box. It’s a balikbayan box that has the exact required weight of 50lbs. or 70lbs. that the regulations require. (para sulit ang box!)