Thank you soooooooo much Maui…I didn’t think you’d help us sell out over 1,100 seats at the Baldwin High Auditorium.

The show was so unreal. I didn’t imagine, nor did the promoters Flavazone Hawaii, that we would have to turn away a couple hundred people waiting for the rest of the at-the-door tickets at 6pm once those sold out in fifteen minutes. My sincerest apologies to those of you that were patient enough to try to get into the show and had to make other plans. I promise to come back real soon, so you won’t miss out. It was a crazy night of Pinoy and local humor with Da Bradah’s from OC 16. Such a funny-ass duo from right here in Hawaii. You gotta see their stuff. Thanks and congrats to the Flavazone Hawaii crew for making my first show on Maui an unexpected success. I’m glad many people went home with sore abs and a smile.

The morning of the show on April 1st, Joel of Flavazone Hawaii brings me to the IHOP at the mall. It also happens to be owned by Camille “American Idol” Velasco’s mom, Manang Rennie. She didn’t realize who was I was until I told her my last name, and the lady screamed then ran to get her cell phone. She puts me on the phone with Camille, who’s now in LA, so we talk for a couple minutes and have a laugh about her mom. If you drop by the IHOP there on Maui, ask Manang about the time she met me…hee hee…you might get a free pancake.

After the show was done, I was off on a ferry boat to the nearby island of Lanai with my buddy, Ben. He’s the sports medicine trainer at the high school on Lanai (thanks for the t-shirt). He and his buddies took my butt out to the water and I got a nice crash course on skin diving and speargun fishing. I managed to take some cool pictures underwater of them (see the photo gallery) and also catch a fish, a Nenui. That was yummy. Lanai is a like a mix of Alaska scenery, Daly City fog and Hawaii’s pace in the days before tourism. It’s a really quiet wonderful island, don’t miss the chance to visit it and those nutty spearfishers.

So I’m home on Oahu for a week before I head back to SF and then to Manila. There’ll be no gigs for the rest of the month…I’m off duty for now. But drop me an email and send me some more Top Five topics I can put up. Have a fun week.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Ingat and mahalo,