Magandang Bayan,

Yep, I’m here in Manila again…why you ask? Why not? I got no shows to do here, I’m just hanging out doing my diving thing again. I just got back from this incredible five-day trip to the Tubbataha Reef in the middle of the Sulu Sea, just to the right of the island of Palawan. Just think of this place as our very own Great Barrier Reef. I was in the company of sharks, mantas, dolphins, turtles, barracudas…and that was just the first day. I came equipped with my underwater videocamera this time and caught some pretty awesome animals on tape. Maybe I didn’t get enough oxygen on some dives, but chasing a shark down from behind is not the smartest thing a comic should be doing. I don’t mean to alarm my bookers. It was great to come back to this World Heritage Site where all of its creatures are protected by the Philippine and International governments. We need to protect these resources for everyone to enjoy. Could you imagine at surface leve, the entire sea was like liquid glass and not moving like a swimming pool? That’s what me and my fellow divers saw each day out there. I wanna say hello to all my dive buddies that made this trip what it was.

On the homefront, yours truly has been awarded the Filipinas Magazine Achievement Award for Entertainer of the Year. My parents texted me the good news while I was away at sea. The event will be held on June 3rd in San Francisco. Wow, this should be interesting and cool too.

I’m coming back to the Bay Area this week to take off for Canada to finally play Calgary and Edmonton. It’s been a dream come true. My fellow Pinucks, here I come! And don’t forget to put my June 18th Warfield Theater gig on your calendar. Check out the flyer here or check out my calendar for all the info.

Here’s to drying off from saltwater for awhile,

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