Howzit cuz?

It’s been only a few days since I’ve returned to my home in Oahu. I’ve finally realized and am beginning to accept that I merely have a “time share” home here. I’m hardly ever here lately to enjoy the place. When I did get back, the weeds were taller than the sprinklers so a lot of the grass went a little dry. Is there anyone out there willing to lend me a goat for a week while I’m away, this is getting ridiculous. The weather has been kind and the sun even kinder. It’s nice to get that island boy tan once again. I’m back in the water this time up in North Shore at Shark’s Cove. There’s plenty turtles and parrot fish. Mmmmm, yummy! Too bad they’re protected at that spot.

I want to thank Ilden of FlipCan Media for bringing me out to Edmonton and Calgary last week for the first time. You all were awesome audiences! I’ll see you all again soon. Joey Guila served up some kick ass comedy sets. Look for him on the Take-Out Asian Comedy Tour at a city near you.

Before I forget about Canada…Toronto’s very own, Mr. Ron Josol, will be opening for me at my June 18th San Francisco DVD taping concert. It’s been a wish of mine to bring out my buddy that’s been holding the Pinoy comedy scene down up there in Canada. Welcome to the Bay Area, my friend. Tickets are now on sale at and outlets everywhere. There will be plenty of cameras in the Warfield Theater that night putting this on DVD, so don’t forget to mark your calendars and get your tickets now.

Here’s a dumbass update for you all. Remember how I shared the great news that Filipinas Magazine had presented me with the award for entertainer of the year? Well, turns out they took it away from me because they require all their recipients to be “physically present” at the awards ceremony slated for June 3rd in San Francisco (hmmm…that never stopped Lea Salonga or Tia Carrere from accepting the very same award via videotape in the past). Because yours truly has a gig in Hilo, Hawaii that same night, I can’t obviously make it. I’d have an angry mob of local buk buk’s after me if I ever step foot on the Big Island. It sucks to be a working artist, huh? Maybe they can find someone that ain’t living out their dreams on that night. Thank you very much, Filipinas Magazine for keeping it real…next time, maybe you guys should book your awards night around my schedule.

In the next coming weeks, look for me in New York City at the Gotham City Comedy Club on the 19th. I’ll be in the Big Apple for a week putting my BADASS MADAPAKA show together and of course…clubbing! This Monday, I’ll be guesting on a segment of “Strut” with the Nikki twins, here in Oahu…I’m scared.

Also, I’ll be on the Big Island for the first time ever on June 3rd in Hilo. Ya see, I’m trying to come out to the other islands…I’m doing my best for all you locals. Maybe some of you might find the time to show me around the neighborhood, ya? Or if any of you do some scuba, I might go dive in Kona too.

Anyway, I wanna leave you guys with some new pics on the photo gallery. Some from my Tubbataha dive trip and some from…I don’t know where.

Aloha and Mabuhay y’all,