Talagang OK, Pare!

The big show two weekends ago was an explosive success, it’s now on tape and I’ll be back to the edit room for awhile to make sure that you get to experience the show the same way all 1,800 fans did on June 18th at Warfield Theater. Could you believe that I sold that theater out? We even had folks being turned away at the door and some dudes were even scalping tickets! Now that’s a sure sign of success.

Thanks so much to Geof Wills of Punch Line Comedy Touring and the Bill Graham Presents’ staff for having all the faith in the world as you did for this local Filipino boy. I had my fingers crossed as you guys did for such a night. Thanks to all the cool folks that helped me out along the way, namely The Fililpino Channel, Philippine News and the SF Chronicle. If you wanna read the Chronicle’s interview, here’s the link:


It was so cool to have Ron Josol from Toronto open up the show. Never has he had to perform in front of such an enormous hometown Bay Area crowd. This husky boy from up north has never seen the strength of locals fans. I’m sure they won’t forget his name now. Thanks a lot, buddy…you done good.

On the technical side, we had four cameras running during the entire show. I haven’t seen the footage yet, but my director says everything came out real nice. It should look even better than “Hella Pinoy”, the DVD. The stage at the Warfield is so big and classic. You get a sense of the history of the theater from its beginnings in the early 1900’s. It’s surely a San Francisco entertainment and cultural landmark. Can you believe I sold this place out? I’m now in the company of more famous comics as George Lopez, Dave Chappelle, Margaret Cho and Dave Attell who have sold this theater out in the past.

This upcoming “Badass Madapaka” DVD is gonna take some time, so don’t be surprised if it takes til October or November that you’ll have it in your hands. I just want to take to the road and tape more gigs and talk to the camera and show you more of my comedy world. I’ll try to pack more stuff into this new DVD that you’ll appreciate the wait. But if there’s something you absolutely have to see, just drop me an email and i’ll see what I can do. People wanna see the large version of “Maritess Vs. The Superfriends”, me too (and maybe I’ll throw in the sequel to it). These days, I’m working on a new animated series called “Nut Shack” that I’m co-writing and voicing for ABS-CBN, which should come out online in September.

My sister, Joy (yes, that’s really her name) is walking next weekend in the national effort to raise money for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer on July 9-10 in San Francisco. She is trying to reach her goal $3,600 and she only needs a few hundred bucks more. Please make a donation to this wonderful cause, I did. Think about our moms and sisters that have been affected by this disease. I wanna thank you in advance so here’s a link to her donation site:


So look for me in Honolulu on July 30th and in Kona on August 5th. It’ll be nice hella cool to just kick in in Hawaii, do some diving and cruising in my truck with my tsinilas and board shorts. Now that’s the life, my friends. In the meantime, here’s a photo of me and my buddy, Dave, backstage at the SF Punch Line…he’s just trying to make people laugh, his way. Welcome back, bro…we need you.

Have a great summer,

ps (porgot sumting)…I’ll have pics of the show night in the photo gallery soon.