Supporyou Peeps,

I’m finally back from a nice long two weeks from Manila…and boy, was it fun!

The big big show at Mega Mall (that’s right, my dream come true) on Friday the 23rd was the best way to come back to Manila with a live show…in front of 900 fans. For those of you that didn’t make it, tough luck, but we did get it on tape which will make it onto the upcoming DVD. Now you get to see how I do it my way in Manila. You’ll feel like you were there too. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat nag-punta sa show ko…grabe naman ng energy sa theater…pagatapos, mayroon pang dalwang “encores”! Thanks so much to my agent for helping me do this show, it meant so much to the fans there. Also a big thanks to all the radio stations that gave me the airtime to plug the show…astig!

The new MTV Philippines show I’m doing, “Rex in the City”, is coming along nicely. I think we’ve found the feel of the show. It’s a mix of my live in-studio/comedy club at the MTV studio at the Fort and cutaways to some sketches. When I get back to in November to finish up more live studio standup recordings, I’d be open to some of you fans in Manila to be in the audience. The hours are long, but hell…you get a free Rex show! Just email me and tell me if you wanna come along. We’re looking a November air date for the first episode.

Don’t worry, there will also be other dates in Manila and other cities when I return in November. This ride has just begun.

Being back home, I get a couple days rest then I’m off to Los Angeles for a surprise set at the Friar’s Club this Friday the 30th…yet another Chopschtick…at a nicer and newer venue. Go to for free tickets and reservations.

Next week, please come to a benefit performance I’m doing at the University of the Pacific, presented by Xi Chi Sigma fraternity. Proceeds will benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Then I’ll be in Monterey on the following Saturday. Check out the calendar.

It’s just under a month until I do the big ass BADASS MADAPAKA! show at the Los Angeles Wiltern LG. Tickets are going fast, so make sure you order them online by hitting the link above. This is a Live DVD recording and there won’t be another one like this in a long, long time. The DVD will be a mix of LA, SF, Honolulu and Manila. So don’t wait til the last day for your tickets…the SF show sold out solid.

Be good to yourselves and God Bless…life is good,