It’s now in your hands,

The new Badass Madapaka is now here! The boxes of DVD’s are now on their way to all the retail and online stores. I just had the pleasure of unwrapping my first new dvd here in Hawaii. What a handsome case and the artwork kicks ass! I’m sure you’ll all love it.

I just had a DVD viewing at the home of friends here in Ewa Beach, along with my parents…who couldn’t make it to the Los Angeles show. They gave it two thumbs up.

So now in time for Christmas, you can get your own copy now from the following site and retail stores:

online at: or just click the link to the left.

retail outlets:
Tower Records Stonestown, San Francisco CA
Starworld Video King Plaza, Daly City CA
Tower Records Pearlridge, Pearl City HI
Reel Plus, South San Francisco CA
Planet Pinoy Store, Vallejo CA
Tatak Pilipino Store, Jersey City NJ
Tatak Pilipino Store, Los Angeles CA

Otherwise, you can see it worldwide as a Pay-Per View on ABS-CBN NOW!….the link is on the left side. You can also view Hella Pinoy at that same website too.

See now you have no excuses to be part of the big event that’s made me age five years more. Have a great Holiday Season. I’ll be heading back to Manila for a short visit again…gonna do a big holiday show on the 21st at the bigass NBC Tent…more info later.

Aloha and Happy Holidays,