So I’m near the end of my frozen Mid-west and East Coast tour. Right now, I’m trying to thaw out in Washington DC for the big show this coming Saturday. Hurry, tickets are going fast.

Last weekend, I was up in Winnipeg, Canada. Thanks to all the kind folks up north. I tried to keep warm, but it didn’t happen. At least the stage lights were hot and I didn’t have to worry about going outside for a couple hours. Thanks to Mira, Aina and Lynn for the great show and great company…you girls are crazy!

I wanna say thanks also to the Laugh Lounge in NYC for having me on those two wonderful packed nights. I’m sure we’ll do it all again. There’s nothing like gigging in NYC. It’s so good for the soul and the craft. Also in New York, thanks to the staff and students at Stonybrook University for having me out there for the first time. What a nice Asian Americas Student Center they have.

If you guys came out to the MAFA Conference out in Milwaukee a couple weekends ago, thanks for seeing me shiver. Thanks to all the schools that came out from the five states out there. You all know how to dig into your Pinoy spirit. I just wish no one told me that we went to a bar where Jeffrey Dahmer picked up his victims. Eww!

Yo, DC…Y’all were off the hook last night! To the crowd of a thousand fans that came out, thank you, thank you! I’ll be back soon.

After this last East Coast gig, I’m back in SF for some time off and then to Hawaii and then to Manila…more MTV tapings…tell me if you wanna go.

Keep sending your donations and prayers to the victims of the Leyte mudslide. There are many events going on, so please take part in any that you can.

See you on the road,