Whassapers Kaibeginners?

Just finished another great night in Washington DC and Norfolk VA…Thanks so much for all you kindly Pinoys/Pinays that came out and supported. It’s so great to be back and see what’s up with y’all. Thanks so much to Robert Dizon of On-Stage Productions for the awesome time. Let’s all do it again real soon.

This Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll be at the Laugh Lounge in Manhattan NYC. It’s my second time back to this intimate and sweet sounding club. Yes, last time was pretty loud and nasty in there…so I promise more of the same this week. Remember to call the 212-614-2500 to reserve your seats…this is required. All the gig’s info is on my Calendar. It’ll be good to see you guys come out and take a laugh break before the holiday season begins.

So far, it’s just nice to walk around DC and see the sites I missed out on last time. Ever been to the Lincoln Memorial at night? Ooooh, spooky. When I hit NYC, I might just see the Statue of Liberty for the first time ever….anyone wanna come?

In a couple weeks, I’ll be back in Manila for a show at Megamall Cinema 10. So we’ll all get to gimik soon after.

Ingat Kayong Lahat,