Look out for the boulder!!!!

If you’re ever feeling a bit crazy and dangerous, give whitewater rafting a go. Now if you’re game enough to fly all the way to the Philippines to do it…by all means, DO IT!!! I just came off a wonderful weekend up in Cagayan Valley and Kalinga country, in the legendary Cordillera Mountains, of Northern Luzon. It was a bunch of us intrepid city folks that took a 9 hour bus ride into the mountains to start off with some spilunking into the Callao Caves. That was all just a warm-up. The main part of the trip was not just the kayaking and caving, but the whitewater inflatable rafting on the Chico River. Man, this thing was alive! If you didn’t watch its every move, it could take you…for good. So inbetween the sudden spurts of adrenaline overload, there’s the calm of drifting along its banks enjoying its slopes, its jungles and of course the giggles of the river itself. After all this was done, we got back on the bus back to Manila. One more thing, allow one whole day for your skeleton to recover.

If you’re not too stuck on fear, check out the folks at:
Adventures & Expeditions Philippines, inc.
Website: www.whitewater.ph

So with all that, I’m just chilling in Hawaii getting ready for my journey to San Francisco for another week at the SF Punch Line. It’ll be my honor to have two comedienne’s with me, Gretchen Rootes and Ali Wong. There’s nothing like the power of female comedy…and me. So come on over, all the info’s on the Calendar Dates page.

Lastly, the first episode of “Rex in the City” is now up on my Myspace account. Just click the link to the left and you’ll get to see what only the Philippines was able to see. Enjoy.