Hey folks,

I hope you all came into this new year 2007 with all your fingers attached and brain cells in place. You know how we Pinoys love to over do it with the alcohol and fireworks at the same time.

Too much is going on already, don’t ya think? Saddaam’s dead and buried, yet our President’s still an idiot. Hmmm, I thought that woulda been the cure. Then our other President, Gloria of the Philippines, frees a convicted rapist US Soldier saying it was for the good of the nation. Hmmm, what’s next? Is she gonna say that the dude only showed that young Pinay some “tough love”? Don’t expect to see her as a shining example for Pinay women’s movements. How about that Chinese vessel that was caught poaching in protected Philippine seas within the Tubbataha Reef Sanctuary on Dec 26th? They’ve got over 2,000 live endangered species in holding tanks onboard, but for some reason the local politicians won’t release them back into the wild. Paperwork and evidence, they said. This world is screwed and it’s not even into the first week of 2007.

At least you folks know how to laugh at it all.

Thanks for all of you that have continued to help out with Harrison Leonardo’s struggle to find a bone marrow donor. The work ain’t over, so please keep pushing.

Thanks to all of you in Australia that came out to my shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. A big thanks goes out to Marco of Hoopdreamz and all the other folks that made my first time out there a big success.

Be well and be prepared for another crazy year on this planet. Recycle your cans and don’t use too much gasoline. See you all on the road in the coming months.

Very soon, I’ll NO LONGER be selling my CD albums in physical form. They’ll now be sold on the iTunes website. So the real ones have now become collector items. Thanks for supporting the sales over the past years.

Peace and Justice for all Fish,