Hey Y’all,

Going to the Philippines, I’ve heard that my stuff is being sold in the markets all over the place or just by simply downloading them. It’s that bad. Then again, it’s a poor nation and the internet is lawless to a point.

Recently, it turns out that a certain “Texasjimmyjam” on eBay is still selling phony, crappy, dvd-r, bootlegs without any inside artwork of both my DVD’s and he is still suckering many of you to buy them. I’ve been getting complaints from buyers/fans that this guy’s stuff is criminal. Sad to say that it’s always best to buy direct from my official website right here, rather than take your chances out there online with the crooks that steal directly from the artists. If you do own a fake copy of my DVD’s from his eBay store, take a good look at the awful quality put into that phony DVD-R down to the crappy blue/purple data side and plastic wrap it comes in. Hey, where’s the cool autograph/artwork page I inserted inside next to the disc?

This week actually, I’ve emailed him a few times and he’s replied back saying he is selling authentic DVD’s…that he ordered from a DVD Warehouse in Manila!!! As we all know, that surely means authentic. I’ve explained to him that there is no way I’d have my DVD’s be sold or sent out from Manila, they’re all made in New Jersey right here in the USA. He’s now trying to convince me that I’m wrong and everything he’s sold is for real. He said he’d take the weekend to inspect each one to make sure they’re real for sure. I can’t wait for his final verdict. Now that he’s read my rant on my official website (as I’ve told him to for proof that I am in fact the real deal), he’s threatened to sell the remaining copies he has just to spite me if I don’t edit his name and activities out of this update. If I remember right, doesn’t negotiation happen before everything else does?

PLEASE go look him up on eBay or just type in Badass Madapaka or Hella Pinoy DVD’s and send him a nice message and don’t forget to mention him to eBay directly. If he won’t give you a full refund for buying these DVD fakes by mistake, then he’d be committing a felony. Consider it a long term rental and just buy my real DVD. Or maybe just allow him to keep selling them just to make it worse for him even more. It’s your call, Pinoys of the World!

I hope you folks make the right choice in supporting the following vendors that I allow to carry my CD’s and DVD’s online or at their retail stores:

Planet Pinoy
ABS-CBN Starry Starry Store
Tatak Pilipino, LA

Thanks for buying the real stuff over the years…this artist appreciates it.
Rex Navarrete