Yo New York,

Ooooh, there’s a Pinoy meat carver named Alan at Katz’ Deli on Houston…tell him I sent ya. Salamat for the past Friday night at the Laugh Lounge, it’s nice to see some new faces come to the show. I promise to come back out real soon. Real soon. I Love New York!

I’m off to Hawaii again just for the week for a bit of rest and re-calibration of my tan. Then, I’m back to the mainland for Canada and San Francisco. This will be a busy month of comedy.

Hey, that dude TexasJimmyJam from eBay has decided that the DVD’s of mine he’s been selling are finally FAKE…as I’ve told him before. At least he’s come to his senses that anything being sold out of Manila like my stuff is pirated. He’s also offered to give refunds to any of you that have purchased either of the DVD’s from him in the past….otherwise, he’s keeping your money. Now if you encounter any phony products of mine out there being sold, please tell me.

Again, this artist thanks you.