5. Listen up…just becuase I’m somewhat good looking doesn’t mean that I want to be in your pageant!!! And asking who my parents are or what my last name is, with the hopes that i might budge just becuase you know them, wont change my decision.

4. Why is anybody and everybody your uncle, auntie, or cousin? That guy is white….and he has absolutely no realtion to me….in fact….i just met him….so, how is he my uncle again?

3. Why is it, when your asked about your current career choices, do FOB’s always discourage you from pursuing your dreams and encourage you to become a FREAKIN NURSE!!! Even the guys are asked to become nurses now-a-days! I think we are capable of doing other things…look at REX for example.

2. Why do we still have those funny catillion dances at debuts. It’s 2007, have some break dancing or something! The dances are usually disorganized, unsynchronized, cheezy…and usually the debutante dreads that part of the evening most. Its the girls party and she can cry if she wants to! the funny thing is nobody ever likes the dancing…except the….well you know who!

1. Why do FOB’s always expect a discount price or some sort of hook up just becuase we’re of the same race? You wouldnt do that back home in the Philippines? In fact you couldn’t….so why do it here?