Hey there,

Sacramento is gonna be my home base for week or so coming next week at the Punch Line. I know it’s been awhile, so I’m coming back like I promised. All the info’s on the Calendar of Events page.

I wanna thank all the kind folks who came out and supported the great show last month at El Camino High in SSF for the Asian American Donor Program’s comedy event. And I also wanna thank the fellas of AKO at San Jose State for the fine show they put on for the local middle school.

It’s been a crazy last couple weeks of Obama news. I hope you’re all keeping up with the silliness from the Clinton campaign-in-the-asses. Let’s use this time to just let the closet “crackers” show us who they are behind their liberal facades. I wanna thank Ferraro for being the first to take that step.

Have you guys seen Arnel Pineda sing yet? He’s freakin’ amazing as the new vocalist for the band Journey. Go to Youtube and find him…he’s awesome. You go, boy!

All for now,