I just got home from a two great shows in Manila and Cebu. Thanks goes to all the folks that came out over the Bonifacio Day Weekend. Thanks again, to Mike Unson, a really funny standup comic out of Manila…you gotta check him out. 

This week, I head out to San Francisco and do three nights at the famous Punchline SF. I know that Christmas is approaching and you might all be out doing your shopping, or you might even stay home on Saturday night and watch Pacquiao go head-to-head with De La Joya, but don't forget that we all need a little Pinoy comedy in our lives. Bring yourselves and your friends that wanna be Pinoy. You'll truly make their holiday season. 

Hell, after the show we'll all for some Bangsilog at Lucky Chances in fabulous Coma!

Hanggang ma-susunod,
Pareng Rex