It's been a strange and saddening last month for me. A real nice dude and friend, Francis "Master Rapper" Magalona, passed away to leukemia related complications. He inspired a lot of us Pinoy artists to be real to ourselves first and then to our public. His enthusiasm for the Pinoy's ability to shine will be missed dearly. My thoughts go out to his wife and eight children. I'll miss you and your kindness, buddy. 

Another Pinoy great had passed away recently as well. Actor and martial artist, Roland Dantes. If any of you got the chance to see him in "Sticks of Death", you'll forever be changed from that experience. He brought dignity and flash to our people and our eskrima and arnis arts. 

So anyway…back to comedy. 

I'm planning to be in Boston at the end of April so please stay tuned for more info. 

But in the meantime, I'll be playing two shows in Hawaii on April 9th in Maui and the 10th in Honolulu. Check out the calendar. 

See ya at the gigs,