Hey y’all,

Happy Filipino American History Month…I’m flying into the east coast for just a few days, starting Monday.

First night Oct 4th, I’m at the Stress Factory Comedy Club in New Brunswick, NJ for just one night. I hope to see all you Pinoys from Rutgers University. Maybe there’ll be time for a bite at the grease trucks.

Second night Oct 5th, I’m at the Gotham Comedy Club in Manhattan, NYC. This is one of New York’s finest rooms, come hang with me there for the night. I’ll be joined by Air Tabigue both nights. And, I’ll be bringing with me the new DVD, “Komik Organik”.

Then Oct 6-7th, I’m at the Funny Bone Comedy Club in Virginia Beach, VA for these two nights only. Can ya believe how fast this is gonna all happen?

So here’s four excuses to come have a good time with all your pals before the work-week even ends.

See you all very soon…Rexy