CALIFORNIA TOUR DATES…These will be my last shows for a long while here in the country so get your tickets now. I’m planning a long needed break from standup into 2019. There’ll be a few gigs here and there, mostly private/corporate bookings and some out of the country shows I’m contracted to do, just at a much slower pace. It’ll be great to see the faces of my oldest fans and those new faces just discovering my comedy now. For sure I’ll keep you all updated when the comedy bug comes calling me back ”full-time”, just need a breather…family first. It’s been over 29 years of pure fun and 100% Filipino American laughs!

Look up my albums on iTunes and for that needed chuckle, check out those bootleg YouTube videos of my sets over the years. I’m gonna try and end off 2018 by digging up some bits from way way back and see if they still have some life in them, the classics (any requests?). I want to see where the new year takes me and what other fun I’ll be privileged to explore.

Stay Down, Stay Brown.

Maraming Salamat,
Rex Navarrete