Episode 02 of “The Flip Chronicles” is now up!

I had the pleasure of talking with DJ Freska or “Freska” as a lot of us from the San Francisco Bay Area know her. In this episode she turns the interview around gets more out of me you thought you’d never hear about. We jump around from Daly City to South San Francisco to Honolulu and how it was to grow up Filipino-American in the 1980’s. From being in radio for decades, she’s amassed a following of radio fans. You can listen to her on 96.5 FM on KOIT in the SF Bay Area or on internet radio apps. Growing up in a traditional Filipino home, Freska broke barriers in her field and inspires many of us today to take chances in broadcast media. Enjoy our lengthy conversation as we crack each other up Pinoy style!

This podcast was made from a grant from Instarem, a money remittance company that allows you to send funds to loved ones in the Philippines. Go to the link here to help out this podcast and get a $15 sign-on bonus on your first transaction.


Listen to Episode 02 here: